Why it’s OK to not always look your best


As I fathom the idea of this story in my head, I notice a spec of butternut soup on my white blouse, just above my boob. Fucking hell! There are two more specs on my lap and I shun the bowl, scraped clean by my spoon, as I go to grab a paper towel to clean myself off. Well, this is perfect actually, rather fitting because I now have to spend the rest of my day looking like I may or may not have fed a baby some butternut this morning. This brings me to think of how selfless moms are, but I stop right there and get back to the point. Before I can consider changing my top, or at least letting my hair down and swipe red lipstick across my mouth to distract passers by, I think to myself, you can do this. Do it for the story! Today I do not look my best.

More often than we’d like to admit, we all have our off days. And the days when we’re trying to make more of an effort to look exceptionally creative and unique in our outfits are the ones we may come to regret. Sometimes its just too damn hot to wear the shoes that would go perfectly with that dress because the shoes are lined with fur or have a 3 inch heel and that’s just not practical for the busy day ahead.
Trying to find an outfit suited to Cape Town weather is a struggle all on it’s own. When I got out the shower this morning and checked my trusty weather app it said it’d be 26 degrees today. I thought that was hot and my boyfriend and I bantered for a while when he opted to wear longs and I threw on a pair of shorts. He said, “26 is cool”, to which I made my rebuttal, “I’m already sweating! 26 is not cool, it’s hot!” this went on for a while and it turns out that by noon there were clouds and I was miserable and by 4 the sun was out and I was eating soup!

So, sometimes it is OK not to always look your rocking best. It only means that you’re closer to figuring out your personal style. And while my outfit preference changes as often as my nail polish colour I love finding the similarities in it all. Getting creative with your clothing is all part of the fun, right? And if all else fails, ask ‘What would Winona do in this situation?



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